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When you first open Nanolens, the app always opens to the Home screen (main screen). From here, you can:

• Swipe right to navigate to the Camera
• Swipe left to navigate to Discover or Search
• Create a post by tapping the Post Bar at the bottom (from left to right, the Post Bar consists of the camera, gallery, mic, text, and post buttons)
• Tap your profile photo at the top-right to access your Profile
• Tap the deliver icon at the top-right to access your Messages
• Tap the bell icon at the top-right to access your Notifications

Nanolens is a fun and easy way to express yourself and post like you message. Share photos, videos, audio, or stories and pick how long your post lasts, discover topics, connect with creators, and be a part of a creator community.
(We're still in beta and actively working on bettering our product's core distinct experience.)

1. At the bottom of the Home or Discover screen, tap the Post Bar's camera, gallery, mic, or text button to begin creating your post. Add a simple caption or up to 8 photos, videos, and audio clips.

2. Next, press and hold the red Post Button to activate the post options.

3. Finally, select Forever or Expiring to pick how long your post lasts and tap the Post Button again to post. The Post Button will animate based on your selection while you're editing your post. By default, all posts last forever. If you pick Expiring, the post will be inaccessible to the public after 24 hours.

* Note: The difference between a story and an expiring post is that a story is exclusively made up of photos or videos shared from the app's Camera. Also, ONLY stories will enable creators to see who viewed their story, ranked from most to least frequently viewed.

1. From the Home screen, swipe right to open the Camera. Or, tap the Post Bar's camera button at the bottom of the Home or Discover screen.

2. Next, tap the circular record button to take a photo. To record a video, press and hold the circular record button and tap again to stop recording. To share photos or videos from your Gallery to your story, select the gallery button to the right of the exit button.

3. Edit or crop your photo or video by swiping for filters, adding a caption, stickers, or photos, and more. Once you've finished, tap the checkmark icon at the bottom right of the Canvas to post to your story.

When you first open Nanolens, it always opens to the Main screen. From left to right, the Main screen is made up of the Camera, Home, and Discover screens. At the bottom, is the Post Bar, which lets you quickly create a post. Here's a brief description of each of these main components.

Camera: This is where you can share photos or videos to your story. To edit the exposure setting of your camera, tap to focus your subject area and slide the sun icon up or down to raise or lower the exposure. When you re-focus on a subject area, the exposure will reset to its default setting. You can also configure timer settings or grid layouts for your capture preview. You can access the camera by swiping right from the Home screen.

Home: This is where you'll see posts from accounts you follow. Posts are ordered chronologically. To prevent the infinite scrolling rabbit hole, you'll see a label indicating the last post you saw before exiting the app. You can mute accounts you don't want to see in your Home or Discover feeds.

Discover: This is where you can discover trending topics (hashtags), featured creators, or highlights (posts curated for you). Here, you can follow creators to see their posts in your Home feed.

Yes. When you start an Icebreaker and pick your question, creators in the Chat who've enabled push notifications will be notified. They'll also know who started the Icebreaker.

Yes. Members who are tagged in a post or a reply using the "@username" pattern will receive a notification even if no one's following each other. However, if your account is private, they won't have full access to your post.

10: Instagram, Discord, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify, Cash App, and Venmo.

Nope! Explicitly sharing a post can only be done from the Post Bar or from the Camera if you're sharing a story.

* Note: Visit our Community Guidelines for more information on what's allowed and not allowed on Nanolens. To mute, block, or report an account or post, tap the More icon in a profile or a post.

Mute 🔇: When you mute an account, their content won't show up in your Home or Discover feeds. But, you'll still be following them. Nanolens' doesn't notify accounts when you've muted them.
Block 🚫: When you block an account, they won't show up anywhere in the app for both you and the account you blocked. If you're following an account and you block them, you will stop following them as well as no longer receive push notifications for their posts.
Report ❗️: Reports on Nanolens are unique, as in they can only occur once. Whenever you report another member or post, we receive emails about them so we can do our best to take action as quickly as possible.
- Posts: Posts that are reported by multiple different members are explicitly indicated above the post in the app. This is done algorithmically so the public can be informed about posts that may be abuse, spam, or violating community guidelines.
- Accounts: Accounts that are reported by multiple different members may be subject to being banned from the app indefinitely.

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